It’s About Time The World Of HR Changed

I have over 12 years of working in corporate organisations including construction, engineering, food manufacturing and medical devices (not the most glamorous industries might I add). I had some fantastic roles, worked for some amazing companies and gained some invaluable experience…. but as time went on I realised my style & approach of HR just didn’t seem to fit with these organisations. It got me thinking…was it my style or was it the HR profession or both?

I came to the conclusion it is both!! The profession drastically needs to change AND my style doesn’t fit the profession as it is.

There are a few fundamental things the HR profession have done for years that have created a function that totally lacks innovation & creativity and why the function adds zero value to an organisation. I am being honest here HR saps every little incy wincy bit of positivity out of organisations.

Why?….. because it is focusing too heavily on compliance, treating employees like children, policing the workforce, monitoring annually HR processes that just do not drive performance/career progression for our employees. They are operating in a negative/firefighting approach.

HR have created processes with very little impact at all on the organisations performance yet still monitor them!! HR don’t talk to our customers (our employees!!!) yet every other stakeholder in a business does, we just carry on delivering what they don’t want. Let’s take the hoover world and use this as an example. Dyson go out there and are constantly asking their customers what they want in their next Dyson….cordless, more suction, smaller, bigger, new colors etc. They don’t just produce what they THINK their customers want, so why do HR do this?

I wanted to follow my passion of “doing things a bit differently by applying a more holistic and meaningful approach to people resources”. So, I did and TULIPHR evolved.

It’s time to add a fresh, new approach to HR.

We need to focus on the exciting stuff and change the tone…..People Happiness Strategies, Employee Experience, gaining back the human element of the workforce, removing HR processors that have been in existence for years and add no value, being different, challenging status quo, creating agile high performing teams….. I could go on!

A few things I think we need to be considering:

  1. Managers are not the employee’s parents – although a lot act like it! Employees are adults and should be treat like it. Do your employees feel like children and their employer/manager are their parents? I sure have been in this situation.
  2. Do you motivate all your employees in the same way because we have one process for all?
  3. Does your organisation have so many policies that it actually strangulates your organisation so you cannot be agile in this ever changing business world we are in?
  4. How about an appraisal system that adds ZERO value/impact to your organisation because the objectives are out of date a year later after they were set (things change constantly don’t they?), feedback is done so badly ONCE a year, they are rated (based on material that is highly subjective), the process has been put in to deal with poor performers?
  5. Do you have a ‘one size fits all’ approach in relation to your people processes and are constantly hearing “well if we do it for them we will have to do it for everyone…!”
  6. Do you have a culture that no one really gets? Maybe a few words you are classing as “Company Values”?

These are just a small few points to get you thinking. If you are answering ‘yes’ to the above then change is maybe needed if you want an organisation with TALENTED employees that are DRIVING PERFORMANCE and feel EMPOWERED to make decisions and act like ADULTS.

I truly believe that inspired and motivated people create high performing cultures which in turn create POSITIVE WORKPLACES. This is achieved through simplicity in process and having the Employee Experience as the core of the business.

I love to work with businesses who just get the concept and dare to be different.

We are a group of like-minded experts who when individually or placed together make a business stand out above the rest. We create great businesses through inspired and engaged people by applying infrastructure that follows unconventional methods.

Get in contact to see how we can we can reinvigorate your ways of working to promote high performance and creativity, with human needs and wellbeing at its heart.